Membership Activities

Below is some information about club operations and benefits.


Monthly Gatherings

Monthly gatherings, often featuring a speaker, are held on the third Friday of the month (excepting July and August), at Dearborn House, 1117 Minor Avenue, from noon to 1:30 p.m.  Members will receive an Evite to all club events; unless the Evite indicates otherwise, guests are welcome.


Annual Meeting (January)

All members are encouraged to come to the Annual Meeting to learn more about club activities, share their knowledge and opinions, and vote on important club matters.


May Breakfast and Fall Reception (October)

The May Breakfast and Fall Reception are annual club traditions at which members and their guests enjoy a luncheon at the Clubhouse, and the president officially welcomes each new member to the club with a white rose, the club flower. Members are especially encouraged to bring guests who may be considering joining the club.

The selection of the club’s flower, the white rose, in 1896 is said to have been inspired by early member Kate Turner Holmes’s “rose-covered veranda, where the group enjoyed her hospitality so often.”


Club Committees

Members are encouraged to consider serving on at least one committee, depending on their interests. Please email to join a committee.